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The Adventures of “Bill” July 19, 2009 Sunday

Posted by mrvangeldren in Belleville.



There he sat just twiddling his day away.

So this is a story about a boy named, well his name isn’t important to the meaning of the story. For reference we will call the boy Bill, to keep his identity safe. He woke up on one beautiful Saturday afternoon pleased with his late night fun. When he had got out of bed he realized that this Saturday would be wasted. This was because he was trapped inside the horrible place that many call home sweet home.

“Seven more days!,” he thought to himself. “Come on this won’t be that bad. I mean you said it yourself. Maybe you need this time alone.”

You see Bill had been grounded for two weeks. (Details on the reasons to his unfortunate grounding are classified)
It was his seventh day being grounded and it was all going well. The thing was Bill began to grow bored. He tried to occupy his time with the internent, learning new things, and doing his summer work, but he began to wish he could be on the otherside of the door.

Bill had not talked in a week and had little no contact with the actual outside. For some odd reason, one that even befuddled Bill, he had enjoyed his quiet time. It gave Bill time to think about himself. As each and everyday passed he learned something new about himself. For starters, he realized he eats a lot more when he isn’t out. Also that he hates one word text messages and occassinaly is the sender of these text messages. Well I do not wish delve his personal life, so that is all you need to know.

He looked around his house wondering where everyone had gone, but soon discovered that his stepfather was in the other room on the phone.

“I better get to the bathroom,” he thought.

As he began his weekly chores for the house, Bill’s mind was distracted from anything that could be happening. He knew his friends were doing there own things, like going to New York and visiting family in California, so he knew he would have to realize that nothing could be done. Sneaking out was definitely on his mind, but Bill did not want to make matters worse.

“Finally, the bathroom is clean!” , Bill sighed. “Hey grandma what are you cooking?”

(Oh yea his mom, brother and grandmother had returned home awhile after he had finished cleaning the bathroom.)

“Steak and rice and torta !” she replied.

“Smells funny!” he said.

“Oh well you know you will eat it.” she responded.

She was right, of course. Bill’s grandmother was very young but she was still very kind. She still had her accent from the phillipines, although she had lived in America for over twenty years. Bill always thought she had never fully assimilated to the American culture and that she was the most F.O.B. in the family. His grandmother was only visiting for a week and had literally saved Bill from extreme lonlieness. She was the only one he talked to in the house, not counting his brother and she had truly and genuinely listened, even if she could barely understand. He appreciated all that he did for her.

Anyway!! Back to the story. So Bill had finished his chores and was off to his daily ritual of going on the computer.
He spent hours occupying himself with the usual facebook games, trying to beat all the others and come out on top. After four or five hours he had beaten most of the competition, but wasn’t number one in everything.

“I will just start again tomorrow!” he said.

“Bill it is getting late, turn off that computer!” his stepfather informed.

“Okay.” he meekly said.

The door to his stepfather bedroom shut.

“Why is it so hard to get along with him? Maybe it’s the fact that I don’t like having a father figure. Maybe I don’t know.” he thought.

Oh I almost forgot to tell you. Bill had worked very dilligently on his summer assignment, but had not completed the 2nd chapter.

Back to the story.

“I wonder what Oliver and Minh are up too?” he thougt.

He looked at his phone and wondered why the text messages he had sent had gone unanswered.

“Ahhh. Oh well. They are busy people. I am sure they have their own agendas to get too.” he said. Well I guess it’s time for bed.”

He had been lying through his teeth. Bill had spent his whole summer vacation awake at night. The earliest he had slept was probably around two.
There Bill lay on his bed wondering about all his troubles and misfortunes and yet he had an expression of optimism on his face.

“The future is what you want it too be” he thought.

Until next time. I hope you enjoyed the story because that is probably the only one you will ever get out of me.

P.S. This is the first post from my iPod.



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