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No Shame May 31, 2009 Sunday

Posted by mrvangeldren in Friends, Jersey City.
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I am becoming a kleptomaniac.


I am becoming a kleptomaniac.

I worked again and was so aloof. I got bored and realized that I was going to need money later, so I stole some from the register. I could never be frigtened of getting fired because the truth is I yearn for the day my manager will say, “I am sorry, but we have to let you go.” When work was finished I told my parents I had to work an extra hour when in fact I was just going to go out for another hang out with my friends. We ended up going to Jersey City recording a video to ease our minds from what was really on our mind. When I finally got home I was prepared to hear empty words from my mom, but to my surprise there were none. Kelly came over and I had the fastest talk with two days worth of information. I didn’t think she would get it, but Kelly listens so well. Well this is my first blog and I owe it all to Kelly and Jeremy.