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Fall Forward December 31, 2009 Thursday

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You just fall and get back up because if you don’t then you can never move forward.


Fading Happiness December 30, 2009 Wednesday

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Dear Mom,

I am sorry I am not the child you dreamed of. But can you please stop yelling at me and reminding me everyday how disappointed you are?

Sincerely yours,


Sometimes I look back when I was around the age of five and I remember my mom as this pure and happy person. I would tell her everything and even when she wasn’t listening I would know that she cared. I remembered her as being happy, but those memories of her are just that memories. Now all I see is a miserable woman and sometimes I can’t help but think that I am the cause of her misery. I am eighteen now and my mom constantly threatens to kick me out. She repeats it over and over that I am the cause of her problems and that she doesn’t need my shit.

Honestly mom I don’t need your shit, but I have no where else to go. So for now I guess I just have to deal.

slowly growing old together December 30, 2009 Wednesday

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Don’t you feed me lies about some idealistic future.

“Sometimes I come up here and I am amazed at the stars.” December 29, 2009 Tuesday

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For some odd reason I had been in this weird cleaning mood since early in the morning. So weird that I was cleaning until 5 o’clock and could not sleep unless everything was clean.

As it turned out Jeremy was cleaning his room and we were supposed to hang out. So I thought, “Hey why not help him clean?” I have never seen so much dust in my life in one room.

Dear Jeremy,

Please dust your room every so often, so the dust doesn’t collect and form a thick layer. Also sweep your room! SWEEP! Wooden floors are meant to be swept! Stop getting distracted and clean your room every so often! Move things around and SWEEP! O_O

Sincerly yours,

Michael Van Geldren

Anyway, after I was done playing freaking “maid”, Jeremy had some family friends over and said that I should stay while they were there. Long story short they were weird in the beginning, but after awhile they weren’t so bad.

Once they left we sat on the roof and stared idly at the view of star above. I never realized how beautiful the night sky looks and to be honest I am jealous that Jeremy can just hop out on his roof anytime he wants and stare up at the vast starlight sky. Sorry I don’t have a picture of this scene because unfortunately I left my camera inside. Well anyway we sat there for awhile enduring the brisk wind and just talking. Not talking to resolve things or talking for apologies, we just talked about everything.

Ahh..it was weird for me because I realized I missed hanging out with him. xP

Bon Appétit December 29, 2009 Tuesday

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Our second Christmas.

Amazing Merry Christmas! December 29, 2009 Tuesday

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My usual Christmas day is filled with anticipation and impatience, but this year was kind of different. It was different in the fact that I wasn’t really excited for presents at all. This is because every year I go through the same routine, high hopes brought down by lousy gifts. So this year I realized if I don’t hope at all I can’t be brought down. As usual I got basically the same type of gifts from my family.

  • My Aunt Vilma gave me a gift she defines “as very useful” but something I don’t even need. (I swear she digs in her attic and pulls out something.)
  • My mom gave me what she gave everyone else, never anything more.
  • My Uncle Jesus gave me money, not as much as his daughter but I guess enough.
  • My Uncle Arthur gave me a cool ass hat and a nice shirt. He usually gives me the most interesting gifts out of everyone. (Most of the time they are useless, but this year he actually did good. )
  • My GRANDMA gave me $2o, the most money out of everyone. LOL <3

Being bored my Uncle Arthur decided to do something out of the usual and ditch the family with the nephews there and watch a movie. So off we went to Garden State mall to watch Avatar. Too bad no one told us that the movies were packed on Christmas day, go freaking figure.

Christmas Coundown; 1 December 25, 2009 Friday

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It’s Christmas Eve. and this is the first time my family has ever gathered together. Usually we all meet up for Christmas, but this year was different. Just a relaxed day to get prepared for tomorrow. Sitting on the couch eating pizza, watching TFC, and laughing with the family.

P.S. That right there is the most attractive part of my family. BCFL <3

Content with today… December 25, 2009 Friday

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..because I love having friends who I can just lay with.

..because I love having two dads who take me out to the movies.

Rude Awakening December 23, 2009 Wednesday

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Eighteen years on this planet! Let’s see how many more you can make.

That’s a Wrap December 23, 2009 Wednesday

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Finally finished getting my secret Santa their gift with a quick trip to the mall. I know now that I suck at gift wrapping,  but hey that’s why they have bags.