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We are all Eighteen! :D February 7, 2010 Sunday

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It went from a day of nothing to do, to a day of too much.

Anthony, John, Kristine, Tram and me. What a random group. But the fun was still there.

At first it was just me and John and we had no idea what we were going to do. “Ice skating?” I thought, since we knew a guy who could let us in for free. But we needed more people. I texted Jamie, but she could only go if Jeremy went. So that was basically a fail, since Jeremy didn’t wanna go. So I texted Tram and Kristine. Kristine was up for anything and quickly responded and Tram was too.

So we picked up Tram and then decided to go Weird NJ Hunting. We went to Essex County something, it was like a mental institution a long time ago. Anyway we drove around and it was really dark, the guys were in the front and the girls were in the back. We were so fucking scared to go on any of the unlit streets and then all of a sudden what Kristine calls a “relaxing” ringtone goes off and we scream. WTF!

Anyway after bitching out and not driving there, we decide to go ice skating for real. We didn’t really feel like staying after because John and Kristine could barely skate at all. So we were on our way home and we all realized no one wanted to go home. It was nice to spend a night with people who weren’t all like I wanna go home or this is boring. They were people who didn’t wanna go home until late and enjoyed staying out.

So we went to Anthony’s and asked him if we could hang out and then he said yes. So where are we off to next on this random adventure. NEW YORK! :D Off to get platters, the best dish for it’s price. So we get out platters and go in Anthony’s car where he drives and then spills all of his dish. LOL! We clean that up and then go to Sonic for something to drink. Boy oh boy I felt the platter right under my chest. First time I regret eating food. After Sonic we drop the girls home and go to John’s and catch Anthony up on all the gossip we have until like 3.

Oh boy Down the Shore is starting to sound amazing, right John?



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