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RWAR! February 7, 2010 Sunday

Posted by mrvangeldren in Belleville, food, Friends, New York.
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A PROM METING HAS BEEN CALLED. And what a fail that was. It was supposed to start right after school, but we had to wait for one person to come to the meeting. After like about a half-hour or more waiting for him to come we started to eat. Once the meeting actually began everyone spread around the house. Half of us were looking at houses, while they other half were just fucking around. Why come to the meeting if you weren’t going to help at all? People playing guitar, people singing, people sleeping. Sigh..although I wasn’t all intent in looking at houses either I wish the others were at least the slight bit interested.

Then we went to the city with two girls. Fun right? Well Jeremy ended up getting us lost and making Lawrence start all the way from the beginning. Once we got to New York Lawrence was so angry he didn’t talk to anyone and didn’t even finish his platters. Jeremy and Marie went home early as expected and Lawrence seemed so mad that he went home too. So the rest of us stayed at Bryan’s house and just chilled until 11.Like Xhen said it was man gossip.

Sigh..PA is starting to look so boring.



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