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Mindless January 26, 2010 Tuesday

Posted by mrvangeldren in Belleville.


Planned things never happen, but when it’s spontaneous it always seems to work out.

I ended up walking home alone and along the way got some amazing shots. But do you ever notice when you walk alone and you look around you notice things you didn’t see before. For example, today as I was walking I saw a tar shaped heart. I took pictures of it, of course, but I didn’t post them here. Well along with noticing thins around you, you being to think. Thinking while walking alone can be refreshing, but not in this case. I hate when I start to think because I get paranoid and then I lose control of my thoughts. I start to freak out and can’t stop thinking unless I have a distraction.

It’s like my mind has a mind of it’s own.



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