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“Sometimes I come up here and I am amazed at the stars.” December 29, 2009 Tuesday

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For some odd reason I had been in this weird cleaning mood since early in the morning. So weird that I was cleaning until 5 o’clock and could not sleep unless everything was clean.

As it turned out Jeremy was cleaning his room and we were supposed to hang out. So I thought, “Hey why not help him clean?” I have never seen so much dust in my life in one room.

Dear Jeremy,

Please dust your room every so often, so the dust doesn’t collect and form a thick layer. Also sweep your room! SWEEP! Wooden floors are meant to be swept! Stop getting distracted and clean your room every so often! Move things around and SWEEP! O_O

Sincerly yours,

Michael Van Geldren

Anyway, after I was done playing freaking “maid”, Jeremy had some family friends over and said that I should stay while they were there. Long story short they were weird in the beginning, but after awhile they weren’t so bad.

Once they left we sat on the roof and stared idly at the view of star above. I never realized how beautiful the night sky looks and to be honest I am jealous that Jeremy can just hop out on his roof anytime he wants and stare up at the vast starlight sky. Sorry I don’t have a picture of this scene because unfortunately I left my camera inside. Well anyway we sat there for awhile enduring the brisk wind and just talking. Not talking to resolve things or talking for apologies, we just talked about everything.

Ahh..it was weird for me because I realized I missed hanging out with him. xP



1. drinkatoasttome - December 29, 2009 Tuesday

you lost your roof virginity

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