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Amazing Merry Christmas! December 29, 2009 Tuesday

Posted by mrvangeldren in Family.
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My usual Christmas day is filled with anticipation and impatience, but this year was kind of different. It was different in the fact that I wasn’t really excited for presents at all. This is because every year I go through the same routine, high hopes brought down by lousy gifts. So this year I realized if I don’t hope at all I can’t be brought down. As usual I got basically the same type of gifts from my family.

  • My Aunt Vilma gave me a gift she defines “as very useful” but something I don’t even need. (I swear she digs in her attic and pulls out something.)
  • My mom gave me what she gave everyone else, never anything more.
  • My Uncle Jesus gave me money, not as much as his daughter but I guess enough.
  • My Uncle Arthur gave me a cool ass hat and a nice shirt. He usually gives me the most interesting gifts out of everyone. (Most of the time they are useless, but this year he actually did good. )
  • My GRANDMA gave me $2o, the most money out of everyone. LOL <3

Being bored my Uncle Arthur decided to do something out of the usual and ditch the family with the nephews there and watch a movie. So off we went to Garden State mall to watch Avatar. Too bad no one told us that the movies were packed on Christmas day, go freaking figure.



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