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Tipsy Head December 20, 2009 Sunday

Posted by mrvangeldren in Friends, Montclair.


Suck in slow, but hard and then let the smoke come out slowly.

Just swallow the drink, don’t taste it because if you taste it you won’t like it.

Down the whole glass right now!

With a little help of a “relaxer” my lips were running like no tomorrow. I had the feeling of joy and laughter and all my emotions were running at once. It was as if I was Michael, but I was running on 10X the power. My voice was louder and I was looking around the entire room, I was off balance and my head was kind of spinning. I was me, but loosened up. I liked being this way, being able to speak my mind and speak what was on my mind. I was friendly and I wasn’t thinking what everyone thought about me. I was able to be me without being scared of what everyone was thinking.

Then after awhile I realized I had to go home tonight.

“Just give me an hour to get my head an straight.” That is when I realized I said so many things that day. Not anything I wouldn’t have said, but just said it all at once.



1. Bryan - December 20, 2009 Sunday

LOL, I love my instructions.

mrvangeldren - December 23, 2009 Wednesday


Lázaro Manuel - December 24, 2009 Thursday

Ew, your face. :)

mrvangeldren - December 25, 2009 Friday


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