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Urban Apparel December 13, 2009 Sunday

Posted by mrvangeldren in Friends, Mall.
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Yea, so let’s get the boring stuff over with. I went to the mall and got the gloves and hat you see me wearing.

Anyway, I went to the mall with Emily and Jill. Both 8th graders, yes I know you might all be wondering, “Why the hell is a senior hanging out with not even underclassmen?” Well I can’t really answer that question. But I can say that under-underclassmen are really cool, especially these two. We walked into stores that we enjoyed shopping in )Urban Outfitters, American Apparel, H&M, Forever 21) and gossiped most of the time. Haha! It was funny talking about random people that we knew and laughing at the people in the mall. I wonder though, do the people in the mall judge me? They probably do, but whatever, as long as we are all laughing. Haha! Wouldn’t it suck if someone heard the things you were saying about them and crying. These girls may be in 8th grade, but I wouldn’t say that they were childish.



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