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Senior year isn’t over. December 13, 2009 Sunday

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That is one cute Pikachu plushie.

Tram and I had a talk at my house today. It was as if our thoughts were exactly the same. We had been living our senior year unsatisfied. Something was missing. Something we both yearned for. We needed quality time together, but also we needed friends we could depend on and trust. We needed people that we could relate to. And right now we weren’t finding that in Belleville.

We were having such a miserable year that we couldn’t wait to leave for college and forget everyone. I use the word everyone very loosely because I don’t really mean every single person, but just the people who  I see everyday and wish I didn’t have to.

I missed Tram so much and today I found out that she missed hanging out with me too. It was just that we both thought that both of us were to busy with our “new” lives to make time. No excuses. Just apologies.



1. Misamisa - December 13, 2009 Sunday

This post made me smile and tear n_n;
i’m pathetic. But i’m happy to hear this.
oh wells.
i agree. That IS one cute pikachu plushie!

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