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Diversity December 6, 2009 Sunday

Posted by mrvangeldren in Belleville, Friends.
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I realized when I picked this picture that everyone was a different race. We had a multi-racial picture. Jill being Asian, Emily being Spanish, Deejay being African, and me being Caucasian. A day out of the usual, it seems like most of my days are becoming more out of the “norm,” but I don’t mind. We sat in Deejay’s basement trying to watch movies, but after three failed attempts at different movies we decided we would rather talk.

Right now I don’t know if I don’t trust you or if you just made a simple mistake. You kept telling me I should be mad and that it was all your fault, but I wasn’t even sure if your words were even genuine. I mean what you did made no sense to me in my head, but I guess that is how you function. I am sorry if I hurt your feelings or made you feel left out, but you have to understand that the things I did and said were not done to hurt you in any way or form. Apart of me just felt that you thought you were better than everyone else. You had this attitude that you were cooler than everyone else and kind of secluded  yourself and “while us guys were sitting all in one couch, you sat on the other couch all by yourself listening to all your songs.” We didn’t tell you sit by yourself, in fact I remember Emily try to sit next to you and you saying “No I want the whole couch to myself.,” if you said it in a  joking way I am sorry for making you feel left out. But I am not sorry for being mad at you for what you “accidentally” blurted out. It’s all good though I don’t really care anymore.



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