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Ironic Yellow November 23, 2009 Monday

Posted by mrvangeldren in Belleville, Home.
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Yellow is for the Christian who is afraid to tell.

Afraid to tell of a Saviour who died on calvary.

Who died for all you sinners just like you and me.

So I am not a JESUS loving kid, but when I looked at these pictures and the color yellow that is the only thing could come to mind. I always found yellow to be such an ironic color. Yellow is a color that stands for being scared, discouraged, and shy; however the color is so bright and attention catching. I mean if any color is scared and shy I would have to say it would be black or even something like white.

P.S. I am losing inspiration for pictures. You can tell when I feel to lazy to take a picture I just give an expression to the lens and “bam!” there is my picture.



1. Bryan - November 27, 2009 Friday


Give me my shirt.

Not playing.

mrvangeldren - November 27, 2009 Friday

next time we hang out. :D

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