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Human Cycle November 21, 2009 Saturday

Posted by mrvangeldren in Belleville, Mall.
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Immature. Carefree. Laughter. Innocence. Awkward.

Mature. Worried. Apathetic. Mindful. Confidence.

We start out our high school “career” as the first, but end it with the personality of the second. Well at least I did. So which one would you rather choose to be? Would you wanna be innocent and awkward ? ..or.. Would you wanna be mature and mindful having only feelings of worry about the future, but confidence in yourself? It’s like saying would you wanna be happy but ignorant or sad but self-assured?

Hard decision, right? Well most of us don’t make the decision to grow up, we just do. It’s a natural part of what we call the human cycle; starting out as kids loving everything and everyone around us and then growing up and realizing who is real and who is fake.

But every so often you meet someone new, someone younger, someone older, someone your age, someone who is not exactly your typical friend, someone who you would never think to talk to, someone who you see all the time. You talk to them and hang out. You get to know them and realize that this person although not your “typical” friend  has just as many worries as you. This person is just as mature as you. This person has been through just as many, if not even more, hardships than you. This person is dealing with living an unbearable life. Although this person is younger and supposed to fit the persona of the first he seems to fit both. And right then and there you are put back a little and realize that people can’t be generalized into two groups. We have all had our own experiences that have shaped who we are.

P.S. Went to the mall with Jill Bohaha, Emily Roachahaha, and Deejay. Fun with freshman. I am getting old. Sigh…



1. Jeremy - November 25, 2009 Wednesday

Third paragraph ftw.

mrvangeldren - November 26, 2009 Thursday

wait which one is my third paragraph ? xDD

2. Jeremy - November 26, 2009 Thursday

Longest one.

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