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Backstage Magic November 15, 2009 Sunday

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Nov 13


Ah, the Talent Show. A time for students to display their unique talent to the student body and at a mere $5. PSH! Forget about paying because when you are in stage tech you get in for free. I have to say although this Talent Show was a fail what happened back stage and everywhere but the front of the stage was a extremely fun. Let me explain, the Talent Show began at 7 and only about 1/3 of our auditorium was filled. Usually we have a full-house, I guess that is what you would call a fail. Anyway there was mostly singing and yea mostly singing. Oh yea! There was one dance act. But the rest was singing.

I had the job of curtains for stage tech, but Greg said I sucked so I gave the job to him. In the meantime I roamed around with Tram having a bunch of laughs with Rey. Oh boy Rey I wonder how much you could have received if you begged a little bit more. I would say you could have got the whole tray.

Anyway after the Talent Show Jeremy, Tram, and I decided to hang out for a bit at Jeremy’s house. While on the internet Tram suggested looking at videos on a friend’s YouTube and we discovered that she had videos from freshman year. We looked at the videos and every so often would turn away from the screen from embarrassment of how we used to look. Every other time we looked at the screen we kind of smiled and saw how close we all used to be. We were looking at memories. Memories that would never die.




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