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Hallow’s Eve October 31, 2009 Saturday

Posted by mrvangeldren in Belleville.
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Oct 29

October 30th 2009

So since Halloween has fallen on a Saturday our school, and probably every other school, has decided to let us wear costumes today. The feeling of dressing up for Halloween has seemed to lose its appeal, for me anyway. I can’t help thinking that it is because I am getting older and more boring. I don’t know what it is, but the thought of Halloween being a holiday is strange to me. We don’t really give out gifts, besides candy, and what are we celebrating.

-Does research-

Oh..I don’t feel like explaining what I just learned. One because I barely read it. Two because you can do your own research. What I did find interesting was that on Halloween it is supposed to be the day where the line between this world and the “world of the dead” become thin. AWESOME! I love the thought of spirits.

I might be very inclined to see scary things, but I need my friends by my side to gain some confidence. I know that if I was alone and in a cemetery, well let’s just say I would never be alone in a cemetery.



1. Kelly Denise - November 1, 2009 Sunday

This really looks great. I love that Stefany is the focus of this shot.
She looked so cute that day.

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