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Typical Autumn Day October 27, 2009 Tuesday

Posted by mrvangeldren in Belleville.
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October 27th 2009

October 27th 2099

It was a beautiful gloomy autumn day. “How can that be?”, you may be asking yourself. Well, the truth is I love the autumn weather and I go crazy for the damp air. The fog began to roll in after I left school and I just knew that the weather was perfect. I walked up the hill, I didn’t even mind the frequent stops Jeremy made to take some pictures of what he thought would be amazing shots. I simply continued to walk further, but not to far, ahead. I looked around me and I noticed that the leaves were falling from a nearby tree. And no, not the small stumpy trees that are all around Belleville, but a kind of  large prestigious tree. A few leaves began to fall from it and when the leaves stopped I realized I missed a perfect opportunity to capture autumn in motion. Just then another leaf fell, as if to try to get me to redeem the failure that I had just undergone, from missing the beauty of autumn, but yet again I had missed the leaf,  I failed. But when I looked at the camera I realized I did not fail, but rather I captured the stillness of autumn’s beauty.

Jeremy ran up behind me and we continued to walk along the path of a typical autumn day.



1. Lázaro Manuel - October 28, 2009 Wednesday

I love the vintage look and almost deadness in the image. It’s so nice.

You’re definitely improving :]

2. Kelly Denise - November 1, 2009 Sunday

Oh this picture, it’s beautiful.

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