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How can you love someone you never knew existed? October 25, 2009 Sunday

Posted by mrvangeldren in Belleville.
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October 23rd 2009

October 23rd 2009

Concetta Rosa Maria Franconero, better known as Connie Francis came to our school to be recognized as a having a successful life. She graduated so long ago,way before I was born and even a little bit before my grandmother. She was a singer of songs such as “Where the Boys Are?”, “Stupid Cupid”,”Lipstick on your Collar”, and other song. She went to Belleville High School, but not that Belleville High I attended and graduated the year of 1955. You see the Belleville Middle School now was actually the Belleville High School back in her year. I didn’t even know Belleville existed back then. Haha. Just kidding.

Well in honor of her achievements Belleville High School decided to spend thousands of dollars to name our auditorium after her. There was a wall put up in front of the brickwalls with pictures and what seemed to be new doors. From what I hear around the school the whole thing is going to be taken down in about 6 months.

It is so annoying because 90% of the students in our school didn’t even know who Connie Francis was, including me. I guess we were simply proud that a graduate of Belleville High made something of their life, even though our town contributed nothing to that of her success.

She was making her speech and although she was old, Connie still had a bubbly and humorous personality.  For being so old I was impressed at how much life she had in her. She told us stories of her times in Belleville High and showed us how things have changed and how some things remained the same. Every so often she would throw in a little joke and the crowd would laugh at imagery of her stories. Connie then began to tell us how her career all began and what other things she had in mind for her life. Can you believe that she was going to be an accordion player? Haha.

But other than that I cared nothing for this showy presentation our school had set up. This presentation was all just a publicity stunt, “trying” to get Belleville noticed. But I guess it doesn’t really matter because this presentation has showed many students that there is a possibility of making something out of yourself after Belleville High.

There were some people from her time that came just to see a star of their decade. It was so strange to see people so eager to meet such an old celebrity. Not old in age, but old by the fact that she was famous so long ago. I mean to think that her fame will always still be alive in the people who knew her is kind of mind-blowing. Maybe when I am eighty, Taylor Swift will be someone whose autograph I would be in line waiting for.



1. Sal - October 28, 2009 Wednesday

Well, Connie should not be compared with any contemporary star. Connie is a star, a legend. The fact that many of your peers have never heard of her is simply due to her lack of PR. Otherwise, she would be a househould name as she was in the 60s. She was the Queen and her legacy is without peer.

2. Sal - October 28, 2009 Wednesday

In addition, while it might have cost the school thousands of dollars for the tribute, much more was raised. You should be proud that a star of her magnitude called Belleville her home and Belleville High her school. As for an old celebrity, she still is a superstar and sells out venues. She has played every prestigious venue in the owrld a number of times. Her fame will always be a live. She is part of musical history and part of entertainment royalty.

mrvangeldren - October 28, 2009 Wednesday

ahh i guess you are right. i should be proud of belleville high graduate getting somewhere in life.

3. Jean - October 29, 2009 Thursday

This woman is a legend and a star of the first magnitude. She not
only sang Rock & Roll, but songs of every genre, selling out clubs
all over the world. To this day she still plays to sell-out crowds
and provides her fans with entertainment from her soul. She
outshines the majority of those who perport to be ‘singers’ of
today. Her star will shine forever.

4. Alie Smit - October 29, 2009 Thursday

Listen to her music and you will understand. She was and still has the greatest voice ever.
Alie Smit
The Netherlands

5. Ellen Conway - October 29, 2009 Thursday

I agree. Remarks have been made about her plstic surgery etc and how it has changed her. But she is only one of many who have done that and one must remember beauty is only skin deep It is what is inside a person that counts and has for Connie her personality and her love for her fans and everyone else she comes in contact with is something that lives in all of us

6. Pat James - October 29, 2009 Thursday

I have grown up listening to Connie,s music and to this day she performs wonderful sold out concerts and she is an artist that show the utmost loyalty to her fans as we do to her.
You should show some pride in your school, that a famous Alumni from Belleville high has achieved such success in life to encourage others Pat

7. Joe Miller - October 29, 2009 Thursday

well i don’t think Taylor Swift will even be remembered 2 years from now, she can’t even sing a note on key live.
But this is about Connie Francis, ignorance is not a excuse, you should have listened to Connie sing before saying all that stuff, she is far from old, her fans range from 17to 90, she is one of the best all time female singers, and could harmonize with her own voice, without the tricks the other singers used and still use to sound good today, Miss Francis could cut an album fast, sometimes getting the track right in one take, not like now where it takes 2 years or more to cut an album and they have to re done the vocals over and over, and be covered by a lot of production.
NOT knowing about someone doesn’t mean being juvenile and insulting, this is why there is research, or don’t they teach anyone that at Belleville High?

mrvangeldren - October 30, 2009 Friday

ah..idr insulting connie at all..idk why all of you are taking so much offense..

Anastasia Beaverhausen - October 30, 2009 Friday

Why are the fans taking so much offense? Well, it becomes obvious during the first reading of the blog entry. Already the title of the entry, “How can you love someone you never knew existed”, shows a lack of knowdledge as well as the unwillingness and the incapability of the writer to ecudate himself. The honoring of Ms. Francis in Belleville has been announced months in advance – enough time to find out about “someone you never knew existed”.

Another point is the belittling of a person who has earned her place in world history and music history with words like “made something of their life”. Er… “SOMETHING”? This wonderful lady has captured the hearts of millions of music lovers all over the world, and for that she went through many ordeals. She has talent and was ready to work very hard to share the gift of beautiful music with the world – she didn’t need to write tasteled, unreflected and uneducated blog entries for two minutes of attention. Don’t confuse a.) cheap fame with b.) lasting success. Writing impolite blog entries is a.), Connie Francis is b.).

Go out, buy Ms. Francis autobiography “Who’s sorry now”, learn about her and then go apologize.

mrvangeldren - October 30, 2009 Friday

I am still confused why you are taking so much offense this wasn’t a post about connie francis it was about my day and how she was included in it. I didn’t post this as her “biography” it was just to show what happened that day and what I know about her. You can’t blame me for lack of knowledge because I didn’t know she exsisted.

8. Michael - October 30, 2009 Friday

I don’t think this student was being mean or rude or insulting. Give the guy a break! He is what? 16, 17? You have to see his point of view. Firstly, while I am thrilled that Connie Francis FINALLY is getting some recongnition, this dedication should of been done YEARS ago! But as they say ‘Better late, then never’.

I think what this student is trying to say, is that they’ve spent thousands of dollars for this to come to fruitation, when I’m sure the funds could of gone to better resources for his school, especially the fact that the photos will be torn down in 6 months time! WHY?

Also you’ve got to bear in mind that for a teenager, 40 years old is OLD, much less 70! So don’t come down so hard on him. Educated him, YES, by telling him who or what Connie Francis is, BUT don’t go all house on him! As a matter of fact, I think his school should of educated the students prior, as to who Connie Francis is.

Mind you, I’m a BIG Connie Francis fan as the rest of y’all, BUT you’ve got to understand the mind of the young and uneducated when it comes to themes like this.

God Bless Ms. Connie Francis!


mrvangeldren - October 30, 2009 Friday

Thank you for seeing my side. I never meant to be offensive towards Connie Francis and the title is understandable in my point of view. Seriously I can’t love someone I don’t know. I never said I hated Connie. >< I am feeling like I did something wrong…but I don't get where you Connie fans are coming from.

9. Sal - October 30, 2009 Friday

I think the reaction is due to the tone of the article which presents the honor as being a waste of time since you had not heard of her. Well, Ms. Francis has always chosen not to publicize herself, and most stars are known only because they have great publicists. She takes her place as the thrid largest selling female vocalist of all time and perhaps, the largest worldwide. She is credited for internationalizing American music. She had real talent, able to perform live even better than in the recording studio. Hardly any artist can do that today. My posts only served to educate you about her career. She has had 56 chart hits in America alone and takes her place along side the Sinatras of the industry. She has had many tragedies in her life which she handled in the public eye, survived them, and returned. What a career she has had! Belleville School should be proud to honor her.

10. Bill Salvaggio - October 30, 2009 Friday

Connie is a perfect example of being “a legend in her own time”. There are countless people of different generations who DO KNOW who Connie Francis is. Doesn’t matter what walk of life you’re from, where you grew up or your family’s ethnic background… look at all the famous people in history, not just musicians and singers but other artists who are known, remembered, respected and revered. To this day, as an artist Connie holds world titles unsurpassed. Not bad for someone who has had competition for the past FIFTY years. My attitude is, if I don’t know about someone famous, it’s my responsibility.

11. Jackie Erickson - October 30, 2009 Friday

Connie is a legend in her own right. SEEING IS BELIEVING.

12. mrvangeldren - October 30, 2009 Friday

It wasn’t a blog about Connie..it is a blog about what I learned about her that day through the presentation. ><

13. Michael - October 31, 2009 Saturday

Hey Kid … No Problem!

If you haven’t learned anything on Connie Francis … You probably learned she’s got FANS who will KILL for her! :)

Take Care, and hopefully you’ll meet Taylor Swift before you’re 80! Just don’t let Kanya West know about it! :)

God Bless Connie Francis!


mrvangeldren - November 1, 2009 Sunday

hahaha..i don’t like Taylor Swift I just used her as an example of some artist.

14. Michael - November 1, 2009 Sunday

Neither does Kanya West! :)


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