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Factory Failure October 25, 2009 Sunday

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October 25th 2009

October 25th 2009

For all of you who don’t know I love horror anything scary, something to get my heart racing. Well State Fair had a “Haunted Factory” set up and it was suppose to be “pee in your pants” scary, according to the men who gave us the discount tickets. I was so hyped and ready for me to wet myself my heart wasn’t racing because of fear, but rather for excitement.

“How many people do you have in your group?” the stumpy zombie man stated.

“There are eight of us.” one of us answered.

“Okay, but there is a rule. Girls have to go in a different entrance.” he smiled.

Haha! We went in and the girls screamed within the first five seconds and came running towards us. Going through this maze of horror with eight people was definitely an arduous task. We would all be screaming, excluding the people in the front, and bashing into each other. I swear, Jeremy and Maria bumped into me and I fell onto a random chair. I have the bruise to prove it. The people were all up in your face and if you looked really close they didn’t even look that scary. Some of the people I kind of wanted to have a nice chat with. Haha..maybe not, but I think you see what I am saying. When we finally got out the girls were already at the van and the guys seemed a little disappointed in the “lack of horror.” On a scale of 1 to 10, I gave you “Haunted Factory” a 3.



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