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Can I come home? October 25, 2009 Sunday

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October 22nd 2009

October 22nd 2009

Homecoming. I think it is called that so that Alumni can come back to their highschool and see how things have changed. Psh..tell that to our year. This homecoming was different from any of the other previous homecomings, due to the digging in the football field. This time we had a “carnival” type of homecoming or a down grade of a carnival. Hahaha. I am not complaining about homecoming at all because I actually had a lot of fun.

Results of homecoming came at 8 o’clock and surprised everyone. I mean the candidates that I voted for didn’t win. Whoops. I forgot to say who was running. Jann, Dana, and Andrea for the girls. Greg, Anthony, and Matt for the guys. I honestly thought Jann and Greg had their crowns in the bag, but I guess that Belleville High has many surprises up its sleeves because Matt the least likely to win got homecoming king and Dana queen.

Anyway after the results I walked around and hung out with a bunch of people that I wasn’t well acquainted with. They were all sophomores and for some reason I was just really hyper and went crazy. For some strange reason I felt really comfortable with them, that I kind of forgot about my own friends. When I got back to Jeremy and asked him were the others went, he told me that they left awhile ago.


Uhmm..well I proceeded to take advantage of what was left of homecoming and I got my fortune told. Haha! I was so excited to get it, but when I sat down I wanted to leave. Talk about a short intension span. Well my fortune was pretty good. The lady told me to think about a question and then shuffle the cards. The top three cards would be my past, present, and future.

Past: In the past there was someone who leaned on me a lot and I leaned on them too. They helped me through a lot when I was younger and shaped me into the person I am now.

Present: I have to make a decision and I have to make it soon. The decision I make will be the right decision no matter how hard it is to make.

Future: I will meet someone who will be so kind to me and that person will love me and take care of me.

Okay so I don’t say I believe in all that tarot card mumbo jumbo, but hey it was all for the fun of it and I got a pretty nice fortune. It made me feel optimistic for the future.

Jesus..I am going to have a hard time titling this freaking post. Excuse the title if it makes absolutely no sense.



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