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I never volunteered to grow up. October 13, 2009 Tuesday

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October 13th 2009

October 13th 2009

Community service hours. If you are in National Honors Society (NHS) you must complete 25 hours of community service. But I am not in NHS yet, so any hours of community service that I do now will not count toward my NHS community service hours if I do get in. Sucks doesn’t it.

Ah well, it didn’t stop me from volunteering at the library today. I expected putting books away to be very boring because of what Jeremy had said about his unexciting volunteering hours. To my surprise I had fun searching through the aisles for where each book belonged. I found much amusement in finding books that were not in the right order and placing them to where they should go.

After all the books were arranged, Tram, Jeremy, and I went into the children’s section to play on the Wii.Even though I am eighteen I still find much amusement in blocks and kids games. There is still a kid inside me and I think it will never die. It will just become more responsible.



1. Kelly Denise - October 14, 2009 Wednesday

Community service<3

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