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A New York Day my Way October 13, 2009 Tuesday

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October 12th 2009

October 12th 2009

“I love riding on the subway, but I hate it when people stare at you!”

Well as you may not have known yesterday was my birthday and it sucked. I don’t recall if I really mentioned in the last post that yesterday was my actual birthday, but I am saying it now.But that is irrelevant. Even after Jeremy and other friends assured me that today would be a very fun day I felt very pessimistic after the disappointing events of yesterday.

So I wake up around 10:30 pretty excited for going to the city with Jeremy, Tram, and Michi. I had previously expected a bigger group, but that couldn’t be helped and this was all that I really wanted. I actually prefer smaller groups. It’s a lot easier to handle and no one is really felt left out. First thing I do is drive to pick up Jeremy and to my surprise my driving skill were not that bad. (I think I will take my road test soon.)

Well I got to the station and road on the light, got to Penn Station and off on the train the four of us go! Haha! It sounds as if we are either going to Hogwarts or Narnia! Well our first initial stop was China Town, so I could get my hair cut because everyone knew I was in need of one soon. Along with me, Michi and Jeremy also got the hairs shaped by the scissors. (I didn’t feel like putting the word cut again.) After telling the lady I wanted a haircut I was unsure of, she said something to me I could not quiet comprehend. I just said yes and nodded. I sat down and she began cutting my hair and when I was done it looked nothing like what I had showed her in the book, but I actually was very pleased.

After that we went roaming around the streets of China Town. We enjoyed eating free samples of candy, while getting attacked by the store clerks asking if we needed help. We had some bubble tea that Tram said “Would make you never wanna drink Babo again!” Hahaha! It was pretty good. After walking around China Town for a few hours I think we ended up going to mid-town. (I don’t know my way around New York.) The girls ended up splitting up with the guys to go shopping for a sweater for Tram since the weather had taken a turn for the cold. I think the girls were in the freaking store for two hours, but I really didn’t mind. Jeremy and I ended up walking around one store and then around Times Square and into Bryant Park.

I enjoyed the weather because it was nice seeing everyone bundled up and cuddling close to each other. It isn’t unbearably hot like the summer nor frigidly icy like the winter. It is just a perfect balance of a time to wear a sweater and a hat.

Anyway, we finally met back with the girls and decided to get some Korean BBQ. Well we couldn’t find a place that we wanted to go too, but we got Chinese Fusion food. (I think.) Then we enjoyed some Red Mango and some mochi! I felt as though I immersed myself in my Asian side.

Okay so if you are all wondering what the picture above is and how it relates to my day, they were gifts that Tram had made me. It is from the blog mymilktoof.blogspot.com. IĀ  love the blog and the teeth are so cute. I was happy enough with one, but I got three and a shy guy!!! It was such an awesome day today, maybe pessimism is the way to go because I can’t get more disappointed than what I expect to be the worst.



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