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Ange[red] October 4, 2009 Sunday

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October 3rd 2009

October 3rd 2009

What would get me mad?

I don’t know, I am not really a person who gets angry. Let me rephrase that I am not a person who stays angry for very long. I am forgiving and can’t hold a grudge. Why waste your time on something that isn’t worth stressing yourself. I care, don’t get me wrong just because I am not an angry person does not mean I have feelings of apathy towards life. I get angry and for a good hour or so I analyze my anger and then figure out the best solution.

Why would I be thinking about this? Well a friend brought it up to me in a conversation and asked.

nameless (10:33:46 PM): What makes you angry michael?

And to be honest I really couldn’t think of anything. On top of that, my friend specifically wanted to know what would be something that he does that gets me angry, not something that he has already done. He said he wanted to know what to avoid. Of course out of instinct I did not trust him. I don’t really know how to explain what he wanted to know, but I’ll try. Uhm he wanted to know if there was some action that everyone does, but I only get angry at him for doing this.

Right there! I hate that! I am nothing like that. I do not single people out. I don’t get angry at people because they do something and am fine with someone who would do the same thing. I hate that in some people. It is a form of favoritism, in my eyes. You only are annoyed at that one person because you have something against them. Seriously now get over yourself. I go through this type of “treatment” a lot and being me I don’t get angry. Let me rephrase what I rephrased in the beginning I am not a person who stays angry for long because I ignore my anger. It may not be healthy, but I have lived like this for awhile. Things seem fine to me.

By the way, in case you are wondering, I am not mad or angry. I am just taking a look at my own persona.



1. Lázaro Manuel - October 4, 2009 Sunday

I like this photo…

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