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I did not.. October 1, 2009 Thursday

Posted by mrvangeldren in Belleville, Friends.
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October 1st 2009

October 1st 2009

Planet wings. not studying for bio. Lawrence’s house. not studying for bio. Mah Jong. not studying for bio. Karaoke. not studying for bio.

Ah. The best first day of the best month, October.



1. Jeremy - October 1, 2009 Thursday

October is not the best month, thank you very much.

mrvangeldren - October 1, 2009 Thursday

EXCUSE ME, mr. decemberrocks..but October is the best month. It isn’t really too cold and not too hot. It is just nice out. You can wear a jacket and feel all warm and comfy without feeling the frigid winter winds.

2. Lázaro Manuel - October 2, 2009 Friday

June > October > December.

mrvangeldren - October 2, 2009 Friday

you need to redo your math because this inequality is impossible. October=Infinitely Great!

3. Tram - October 2, 2009 Friday

Gotta agree with michael on this one. October=autumn=<3

mrvangeldren - October 3, 2009 Saturday

YAY! I win! Tram is always right.

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