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Phone a Friend? September 26, 2009 Saturday

Posted by mrvangeldren in Friends.
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You will probably get mad and annoyed at why I used this picture. I mean what does a boy at a computer have anything to do with my day. This is the first time I slept at your house for fun.

Well this picture has nothing to do with my day in it’s entirety.

I used this picture to convey the amount of time people spend on the computer.

Get off the computer!

Grab your phone and call a friend. Have an hour long conversation about nothing. Forget everything you had too do and just for that hour be worry-free.



1. Kelly Denise - September 26, 2009 Saturday

I used to do that all the time. Call someone at random and talk my head off about nothing.
But not anymore, because I spend too much time worrying about things that will solve themselves in time.

Lol, Jeremy at the computer.
With glasses.
What a nerd.

mrvangeldren - September 26, 2009 Saturday

KELLY! you should call me one day!

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