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Brooklyn’s Hammydowns September 26, 2009 Saturday

Posted by mrvangeldren in Friends, New York.
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“Is this Brooklyn?” I said.

You see I was not planning on going to hang out with my friends who were going to Brooklyn, but once I left the school building Bryan had forced me to go. I tried my hardest to deny his offers of paying for my trip, but he would not take no for an answer.

So off to Brooklyn we go! Why are we going there you might be asking? THRIFT STORE SHOPPING! Exciting, right? Well I found the journey there to be more enjoyable. I think it is because I really didn’t have money to spend. Next time I won’t go if I have no money.

I think I am not really that intrigued by thrift stores because I feel like everything there is dirty. Maybe I am just a “prude” like Bryan said.

The fashion district. Tokyo 7. Beacon’s Closet. Peachfrogs. etc..



1. Bryan - September 27, 2009 Sunday


2. Tram - September 27, 2009 Sunday

2nd that

mrvangeldren - September 27, 2009 Sunday

WHY? ><

3. Kelly Denise - September 27, 2009 Sunday


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