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Paint your Personality September 21, 2009 Monday

Posted by mrvangeldren in Belleville, Friends, Home.
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I guess I just didn’t wanna believe it, but it is true. The pain I guess is just knowing that you proved me right when I wanted be “oh so” wrong. You haven’t changed and I just think that you never will.

nameless (10:18:44 PM): it’s like….you have a blue block

nameless (10:18:47 PM): but you want it to be red

nameless (10:18:52 PM): but you don’t paint over the blue

nameless (10:19:08 PM): you take another piece of block, colored red, and put it in front of the blue one

It wasn’t the regular let’s just hang out, it felt different. No, it felt more relaxed.
Fact about me:
I love it when I am talking to someone around 11 and they type to me at exactly 11:11:11. I think it is triple the good luck.
x boyinthelobby (11:11:11 PM): Why not?



1. Kelly Denise - September 21, 2009 Monday


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