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Friends Ya! September 19, 2009 Saturday

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Yea. So this picture is a lame attempt at me trying not to miss a picture and start all over again. It’s a picture of sushi drawn by Jeremy, given to me as a gift. No the gift wasn’t this drawing, the drawing is actually an envelope which had a gift card for $15 for iTunes. Yikes. The gift was for my birthday last year, not this year.

Anyway, let me get back on topic. So in my last post I told you about me trying out for a capella. Well the results were up after school and I was feeling anxious. I didn’t want to show how anxious I was, so I intentionally passed by the board where the list would be and went downstairs to my locker. When I went upstairs I found my name, Michael ………… and over those dots Van Geldren. YIPEE! I GOT IN! Well I didn’t jump for joy or scream, but I think I was smiling a lot.

After that whole thing happened, I went to the stage tech meeting. BLAH BLAH! Robert is annoying and we worked on lights.

Okay, so after that Jeremy, Kelly, Greg and I went to the tennis courts and watched the game for a bit. After Kelly, Jeremy and I decided to walk home together. Out of complete impulse Kelly asked us if we would like to come over to hang out. After about 6 hours or so of just talking we, Kelly and I, tried  convince Jeremy to sleepover. Of course it failed, but I was still satisfied with the night. We touched on topics that you don’t usually carry out in public, but acted like complete adults when we were discussing. Maybe it’s a sign that we are growing up.

Kelly had said, “Wouldn’t it be cool if we lived together?”

Yes Kelly, yes it would.



1. mrvangeldren - September 20, 2009 Sunday

Jeremy I think I accidentally deleted your comment. D: sorry.

2. Kelly Denise - September 20, 2009 Sunday

It would have been such an amazing night.
(Not that it wasn’t a fantastic evening!)
Next time we’ll have it planned out so Tram, Nammy, Greg and Rey can join the party.

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