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Is this a safety hazard? September 16, 2009 Wednesday

Posted by mrvangeldren in Belleville, Friends.
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It was “Just a Party,” but I should have JUST been studying. PFT. Let’s pull an all nighter or try to keep awake. Maybe, just maybe, God will have mercy upon my soul and give me a good grade.

Oh that balloon animal hat was actually connected to four other people. We wanted an octupus, but we became four conjoined twins.

taken by kelly

taken by kelly



1. drinkatoasttome - September 16, 2009 Wednesday

Aww you used the picture I took of Jeremy. He looks like he has floaties on.

2. mrvangeldren - September 16, 2009 Wednesday

T.T you took this picture? I thought i took it?

3. mrvangeldren - September 16, 2009 Wednesday

I had to change it. T.T Sorry.

4. drinkatoasttome - September 18, 2009 Friday

Yeah, pretty sure. I remember looking through the camera and then take a bunch of pictures of Jeremy with the balloons making blurry lights. :)

5. Kelly Denise - September 20, 2009 Sunday

That was a good night.

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