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Saved the Best for Today September 9, 2009 Wednesday

Posted by mrvangeldren in Belleville, School.
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My last first day of high school! Boy oh boy. I can’t really begin to describe the day because all I I could see was khaki/navy blure. Haha. No, the uniforms aren’t that bad. I actually think they make things easier. Easier to wake up and not have to decide what to wear. Some people like to pick an outfit, well I am not some people. If I am to tires I hate picking out an outfit because I get flustered.

I can actually say without hesitation that I am pleased with my class schedule. Preceding years I have had mistakes of having classes I did not want or being in a class I did not belong in. Not this year! I had a schedule that was perfect, to me anyway.

Period 1: English 4A
Period 2: Calculus AP
Period 3: Calculus AP, again
Period 4: Lunch
Period 5: Biology AP 20
Period 6: Biology AP 40
Period 7: Biology AP 60
Period 8: Biology AP 80
Period 9: Printing Tech
Period 10: Printing Tech
Period 11: Macroeconomics AP
Period 12: Entrup..(don’t know how to spell)

So yea that’s my schedule and I actually like what I have, regardless
of difficulty. Its true that I don’t have all my friends in my classes, in fact I don’t see a majority of my friends all day, but I think this year won’t be that bad.

Oh, the new/old principal has the most annoying voice alive.



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