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Brush off the Dust September 7, 2009 Monday

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Hey guys! Guess what? It’s the last day of summer and school officially begins now. So today I would say I did nothing spectacular. I kind of was hoping to get invites to something, but hey life can be unpredictable.

I basically stayed home all day. I did nothing, but look at my computer screen and try to get the work done. It wasn’t a very productive day and wasn’t very fun-filled with activities. I didn’t have a “last summer day blast” and I wasn’t expecting one. (kind of)

Well hear is my few sentences to rant. I hate it when people evade the questions by trying to change the subject or intentionally trying to not answer. It’s not necessarily lying, but it isn’t really getting to the point. If you knew you were going to do something that might hurt someone wouldn’t you want to avoid committing such an action. Well, like everything else I will probably brush this off.

HOORAY! Summer has finally come to an end. Yes, I did say hooray. Although reluctant to go to school I am still pretty excited. I had so many good memories and many learning experiences. My friends have made me laugh and also helped me realize things. This summer didn’t go as other summers, but it definetely was eventful. FAREWELL my summer of ’09, you were by far the most interesting summer.

Hello senior year.



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