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Shamelessly Gazing September 5, 2009 Saturday

Posted by mrvangeldren in Friends, Video Making.
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No Shame: Belleville. Yea, what a plan! Sure, it would have been a good plan if we actually did anything. Unlike No Shame: Jersey City, this video was planned ahead of time. So wouldn’t you think things would run along a lot smoother? Yea, think again.

Time and place to meet up: Jeremy’s house at 2 o’clock.

Things would have started at 2, if we didn’t have our main person late. Michi had been two hours late! If that wasn’t the worst part, she came and we stayed in the house for about another half-hour just goofing off.

Okay so we are finally out of the house and on our way to Belleville Park. The plan was to get one half of Belleville today and the other half when we have the time. Yea, we were at Belleville Park for about I would say an hour and with ten people on our hands we had no type of organization. Tons of fun, but no structure. Well I guess that’s what you get with a group of ten different people. Haha.

So yea, we “tried” our bests to resurrect the dead video, with no success. Maybe next time Jeremy, maybe next time.

Barnes and Noble and nighttime at the park were what came soon after.

The highlight of B&N had to be people watching. Have you ever tried it? Well basically, you look at people from afar and from just their appearance you make a short and sweet story about them. It’s quiet amusing when the people you are with come up with similar stories.

The park was the park, but ten times more fun because it was at night.



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