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Future Diary & Lovely Blogs September 3, 2009 Thursday

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So yea I went to the courts today, but there is just too many pictures of the courts and rackets and people playing, that I have. To my surprise the courts were practically empty. I rallied a bit with some friend and as usual I sucked in the beginning but as the day went on I began to progress. Thanks to Aissa. Haha! I now know that one bounce gets the ball over the net a lot better than ten.

Well after the courts, a long while after, I went home and then got a random invite to go with some friends to Barnes & Noble. I was really tired from playing tennis, for about six hours. But when I got there it seemed so refreshing, I suddenly had this strange urge to read an interesting book, but then I saw some cool manga. I might end up looking for this manga online and who knows, maybe some day I will read it. From what I read in the few pages the manga was about a boy who keeps to himself and creates imaginary friends. But for some odd reason his friends give him a phone that can tell the future. I think there are 12 other people with future phones and they have to fight to become some type of ruler of the new world. I think. I am not really a manga type of person.

So yea, thank you to Jeremy from, 365,000 Words. He gave me this “One Lovely Blog Award.” So yea thanks Jeremy.

I guess these awards show how much a person enjoys reading your posts or the ideas you have. I don’t normally read blogs that often, but just recently I have been stumbling on the sites of WordPress, Blogspot, and Tumblr. The rules are shown following:


Accept the award by posting it on your blog, along with the name of the person who awarded it to you and his/her blog link. Then, pass the award to fifteen blogs that you have newly discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to notify them that they got the award. Have fun with these.

These are the blogs that I tend to look at on a daily basis:

365,000 Words.

1. My Milk Toof
This blog caught my eye while I was stumbling. It is basically like a comic but with pictures. I think Inhae, the creator, uses clay or something to make these small milk toofs, which I find quiet amusing.

2. Drink a Toast to Me
Tram writes amazing in her blog and the thing that I like about her entries is that she doesn’t
whine about the everyday”perils” of life.

3. underratedmusic
I just thought this site was interesting because it gave me music suggestions of artists I have
never heard of.

4. The Secrets of a Flight
I think this site is a collab of two people. Paolo captures the images, while Shea creates the witty words. I enjoy reading there posts from time to time.

5. Conflusions
Conflusions is just interesting to me because it is a lot of mind tricks.

6. Press2talk
The photos and pieces of art just make me strive to become a better photographer.

7. traduit & malentendu,
Bryan has just started a blog and although his posts aren’t very frequent I enjoy reading his vague posts.

8. hope driven
Jamie’s posts are just like what I would expect from her. She is basically a true blogger who posts about their day and anything interesting finds.

9. Sketchy Coworker
Each and every post in Sketchy Coworker are a bunch of doodles. Haha! But they are the most interesting doodles I have ever seen.

10. To Do:
I thought the idea of this blog was pretty clever. To Do:, takes post-it notes and leaves them in public places. On each and every post-it note there is something that every one knows, but tends to forget.
11. My & Your Blog
This blog is pretty much interesting adds that are everywhere. When I mean interesting not in
an artsy perspective way, it’s kind of like an illusion out on public spots.

12. Yum Honey!
Junou is a lover of food, as am I. I don’t really know if this person is a boy or a girl but the
pictures that this person takes make my mouth water.

13. MonkeyWorks Illustration
MonkeyWorks Illustration is just a bunch of really well drawn pieces of cartoon character with
a different little twist, on some.

14. technogad
Technogad presents in pictures of new and interesting techonolgy. It’s just a way for me to
keep up with the new technological advances around the world.

15. Schmaz Art
I guess I just like this person’s blog because they have amazing photography skills. One day when I get a camera or actually a battery for my camera I will try my hardest produce pictures half as good as that.



1. tsofcomic - September 12, 2009 Saturday

Wow! We love you! I must come up with a list with Paolo. Thank you, we’re very flattered. :D

– Shea

2. astronautel - September 13, 2009 Sunday

Thanks for mentioning my site, mate! Get a new battery, go out there, and take a billion shots :)


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