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Ketchup Friends August 31, 2009 Monday

Posted by mrvangeldren in Belleville, Sports, Summer Vacation.


Backhand. Forehand. Step-up. Racket back. Follow through. Wrists tight. Tennis. Tennis. Tennis. As seen in other posts, I have been at the “glamorous” courts of Belleville, from afternoon to around late night practicing tennis. Although I do not have a racket myself, I manage to get one, someway and somehow.

Exhausting can only begin to describe my day. A regular court usually can fit four people per court, but our court can fit about eight. Haha. It started out with four: Olga, Fetus, Roland, and me. As the day went on more and more friends began to show their faces. For some reason I always start playing really badly and then near the end of the day my skills begin to increase, as little as that increase may be.

Oh okay, well after tennis I “ventured” to Marie’s (shown above) house. I have been pestering her all summer about how we have not seen much of each other and how we should hang out more often. Talking her today made me realize that every group has their own, no matter how small they may be, problems. We discussed how there were things that bothered us about people and how we try to be a “nice” person. It was nice to talk to her after not seeing much of her all summer. This catch up is something that I think I needed. Most definitely. :D

P.S. I hate this picture.



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