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Our Final Destination August 30, 2009 Sunday

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“Let’s watch a movie today,” she texted me.

Okay so the movie was called The Final Destination and I invited everyone who I thought would like to come along. Easy right? Wrong! So here is what you need to know when you ask someone if they want to go too a movie. You have to know the time you are going to the theatre, for starters. Next, you need to know who is going. I think that this is funny because you don’t know who is going to go unless everyone is confirmed. And since no one responds fast enough you don’t know who will be going.

Okay so I find out who is going and am fairly satisfied with the attendees, except for the fact that they are all girls.
We got to the movies with no intention of spending money and felt the thrill of stealhly getting in. Oh yea, The Final Destination was in 3D. Where do we get the glasses? Score! There was a glasses recycly bin, in which we took a pair of the glasses shown above.

A bit of advice, front row and 3D do not mix.

Oh and the helium balloons at Red Robin make for tons of high-pitched fun! :D



1. Jeremy - August 30, 2009 Sunday

What happened to 500 days?

mrvangeldren - August 30, 2009 Sunday

we were trying to tell you that we were watching a different movie. we didn’t think your dad would let your sisters go if the movie was rated r. we did try to hint it by saying “Our FINAL DESTINATION will be the movies!” I guess you didn’t catch it.

2. Jeremy - August 30, 2009 Sunday

I figured you weren’t going to watch 500 days, but I didn’t catch Final Destination at all. Besides, my parents probably wouldn’t know it was rated R

mrvangeldren - August 30, 2009 Sunday

ah i see. oh well..you probably didn’t wanna go.

3. Bryan - August 31, 2009 Monday


Just give me a heads up next time so I won’t be dumped with my little brother -__-

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