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Jonathan Gomez/Johnny August 25, 2009 Tuesday

Posted by mrvangeldren in Belleville, Friends.
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So how did I end up at Johnny’s house, you readers might be asking. Well you might not be asking yourselves this, because you didn’t even know I was there, but just roll with me. I was at Johnny’s house. Okay I ended up there after a failed attempt at trying to play tennis with Olga. Uh. Let’s see. Oh yes! I was walking around Belleville avoiding, at all costs, my own house. Out in the sweltering heat, I texted Nammy to see if she was home and to my disappointment she was not. “Come to Johnny’s house!”, she said.

He has done what I have always said that I wanted to do after high school; leave my parent’s. He has his own responsibility and had to look out for himself. His apartment isn’t really all set up, but by the looks of it in two weeks top he will be settled in. I secretly look up to how responsible he has become in the short time after his graduation.

Uhh! Watching television has never been so funny. Thanks Johnny.



1. drinkatoasttome - August 25, 2009 Tuesday

aw I want to see Johnny’s apartment!

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