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Speechless August 24, 2009 Monday

Posted by mrvangeldren in Belleville, Friends, Montclair, Sports.
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Activities left, right, up, and down. It has been such a tiring day, tiring in the good way. I had woken up with hopes of playing tennis with good weather, but what I got was strange weather. In the middle of playing tennis a dark and mysterious cloud appeared and I thought the rain would pour. At first it didn’t rain, but then all of a sudden half of the court was getting rained on, while the other half was sort of sunny. Cool and strange.

After tennis, I went to play baseball. Since Jamie has sort of a big mouth, I learned that in addition to baseball we would be having a water balloon fight.We got there and played some baseball and tennis, which added on to the tiredness.

The water fight begins!

Balloons were being flung at each other at speeds just so they would burst. I swear I am Wolverine because mostly every balloon I threw would burst before I threw it. There were those “party poopers” who did not want to get wet because they had their phones on them. Lame excuses! By the end we were all soaked in the light of the moon. Exhausted? I think not! Where do we go next?

Montclair. At one point, while I sat in the back of Bryan’s Jetta we listened to the song Ocean Avenue and we were mostly in sync, I stuck my head out the window and thought to myself; “I am happy!”

P.S. Tram looks scary in this picture. Yikes!



1. drinkatoasttome - August 24, 2009 Monday

i look like the hulk in this picture. XD

mrvangeldren - August 24, 2009 Monday


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