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Alice in Crazyland August 21, 2009 Friday

Posted by mrvangeldren in Friends, Summer Vacation.
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I watched the best movie ever in the history of Hollywood cinema and I do not recommend that you watch this movie. Confusing, right?

I spent the latter morning of my day playing tennis with Olga and Jeremy. Although I am not as good as they are, I felt as though I could keep up with them better than I could have two weeks before. They were advising me on keeping time, being ready for the ball, not swing to low, watching the angle of my rackets, and other such things.

I watched Tideland, the movie I recommended you do not watch. It is a sort of psychotic twist on Alice in Wonderland. The movie has absolutely no plot and the little girl is almost on the verge of serial killer crazy. Watching a two hour movie in fast forward can get you the bulk of the plot without the stupid details.

Oh and I hate neopets and I am deleting my account.

Bryan R. I liked your shirt it stands for Big Bryan in my eyes, anyway.

P.S. I love the lucky frog Tram got me from California and the sword letter opener that Greg got me from Brazil.

P.P.S Nammy was finally able to hang out with me today. She makes me laugh like no one else could. :D



1. Bryan - August 22, 2009 Saturday

People called me Big Bryan in elementary school because I was fat.

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