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Creole Lady Marmalade August 19, 2009 Wednesday

Posted by mrvangeldren in Adventures, Friends, Money.
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Today I spent my day at Hurricane Harbor with Jeremy, Tram, Marison , John, Lawrence, and Bryan. We got there around opening time and left when the park closed. We spent most of our day on the Taak Et Ee Zee Creek or as we called it the Lazy River, also know as the Exercise River. We had to spend at least half of our time there, I remember going around the river at least 15 times. Well I guess that shows what kind of people me and my friends are.

After that John and Lawrence drove back home, almost everyone in the van was tired from the long day and decided to fall asleep. I couldn’t help but take a picture of Tram and Jeremy, while they were asleep. When people are asleep they seem the most innocent and upon waking up they seem well rested. I don’t know if you would get that.

Red Robin when we got home. I am sorry I don’t feel like typing about everything else that happened.

PS. The whitelady of Branchbook will appear someday, but not this night.

P.P.S I don’t check my grammar get used to the mistakes. Okay, Kristine.



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