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Asians in the Outfield August 17, 2009 Monday

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Baseball. An old  American pastime sport that not many, well me, practice or enjoy playing, but today when I got a text from Bryan asking if I wanted to play I decided that I should try it out. Everything inside me thought that I  would suck, but as long as I tried I couldn’t have been that bad.

The weather was not what I would call perfect, but rather humid and hot. My attire was not suited for the sport and my “chucks” were the worst possible shoes to wear. We would each take turns hitting, pitching, catching, and playing out-field. If I do say so myself, I am not that bad at this sport which I called boring and lifeless. When you watch baseball it is all strikes and running, but when you are playing it is a different story.

Pitch. Catch. Run. Throw. Although not a real game, the feeling of doing all these things correctly  made me smile. Each and every time I hit the ball I would chuckle inside staring at the ball, until Jeremy would tell me to run.  Why was I just standing there staring at the ball? I don’t know what it is, but when I saw the ball up in the air I thought,  “How did I do that?” Well, yea I did that by hitting the ball, but it never ceases to amaze on how high and far I can hit the ball and when you hear the “clank” after the ball makes contact with the bat you feel as though you have accomplished a daring feat. (Of course the ball must go forward and in the outfield.) It might be me being all proud of myself, but I felt that I did very well in a sport that I am not very acquainted with.

Fanaticism?  No.  Writing is exciting
and baseball is like writing.
   You can never tell with either
      how it will go
      or what you will do;
   generating excitement--
   a fever in the victim--
   pitcher, catcher, fielder, batter.
	Victim in what category?
Owlman watching from the press box?
	To whom does it apply?
	Who is excited?  Might it be I?
by Marianne Moore

Hey there

Sweat dripping from each and every pore of our bodies, we decided that it was time to leave. Somehow we got to Marison’s house and entered her pool. (Thanks to her for providing us with the shorts.) Although it was not a large pool the fun we had was.

I met her younger sister Meekoly (name from Pocahontas) and she was full of life. I could not believe how much energy this one girl had, so much it was kind of annoying. She joined us in the pool and took on what on us “teenager” with full-force. She screamed, sprayed, smacked, and scratched us with every bit of her might.

It is safe to say have to say out of all the pool whirlpools the one we created in her pool was the best. I felt myself being pulled forward by the current and when I tried to turn around my body would be in an idle spot. It was as if my body was not strong enough to fight the direction of the current, obviously.  All in all I had a very good day, not one that I had expected to be fun.

Dried up and ready to leave, Bryan started the engines and turned up the 90s music. Listening to Pokemon, Backstreet Boys, and N’sync brought back a lot of childhood memories. Things aren’t the same as they were back then, some things got better and others got worse. Look back on your past every once in a while and see how you changed.

Are the moments where you just wanna scream at everyone?

PS. I texted her, but I don’t think I will be hanging out with her again this summer. Here is for hoping. :D



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