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Atlantic City, the flaws are what bring in the people. August 15, 2009 Saturday

Posted by mrvangeldren in Family, Summer Vacation.
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Things that must be done when going to AtlantiCity:

1. Bury someone. [x]

2. Put your feet in the sand. [x]

3.  Sunbathe while napping. [x]

4. Body surf in the ocean. [x]

5. Go deep until the life guard blows his whistle. [x]

6. Eat at Johnny Rockets and watch the waiters /waitresses dance. [x]

7. Walk to the both ends of the boardwalk. [x]

8. Play at the arcade. [x]

9. Watch a bum sing/chase birds/clean themselves. [x]

10. Get attacked by seagulls. [x]

11. Get run over by speeding carts. [x]

You can smell the disgusting New Jersey air down by Atlantic City, but with the right people the air smells sweet. Haha. No, it doesn’t, but the air isn’t as noticeable when you are enjoying yourself with the people you love to be around. What can I say? The beaches aren’t all that great, you have to walk everywhere, the arcades are over-priced, seagulls are annoying, bums can be very creepy, and in the summer the heat is unbearable. But hey! That is the experience of Atlantic City and no matter what way you twist it the experience have there depends on the people you are with.




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