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A Family Getaway August 15, 2009 Saturday

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It has been the first summer where I did not have a big family vacation and my cousin put the opportunity in front of me the day before. Unsure, I told her I don’t know. Her reply was the usual; “Come on Mikey, we haven’t seen each other all summer.” So I weighed out the pros and cons and decided that going to Atlantic City definitely would be better then staying home with my parents.

I sat in the hot van for most of the day and had demanded that my cousin make this week the best week of my summer. I haven’t really “hung out” with her all summer, unlike usual summers where we spend almost each and every waking moment together. Unlike other family members we have this insane connection almost like twins. I just wanted to spend one week away from everything and have a few days with my cousin.

P8112084We had spent our first day walking around the boardwalk with other cousins who I am also close with, Jessica and Conrad. It had been awhile since I had a family vacation and I knew for some reason that it would be great. As the sun escaped us, Kristine and I decided to go out on a late night walk to get some Rita’s, but instead of going straight back to the room we decided to have a “photoshoot.”

P8112088I call her my BCFL (best cousin for life) because no matter what I know in the end I can count on her for anything.



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