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Unbearably Amazing. August 11, 2009 Tuesday

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I couldn’t describe such an amazing day with just one photo.

I am not going to lie, I thought my plans today were going to screwed up because of the usual cancels on many people. It started off with an early awakening to an, what my Jeremy called, “unbearably” hot day. Greg had informed me that it was one of the hottest days of the summer. Fack! Who the hell cares? I did not want the weather to interfere with my plans, but as usual some people cannot stand the heat. So as the say if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.


I had my doubts about how great today would be, but to my surprise the hot weather did not stop us from our adventures.

First stop: China Town

Well the first and original plan was to spend the day in China Town, but we ran out of things to do and places to go. All the places were filled with people and every thing seemed so creepy. Our first stop in China Town was a bakery where we quenched our thirst and tried to fill oir stomachs a little. Fail food and fail drinks, except for my orange juice! We passed some fish markets that reminded me of East West and the stench made Olga quezzy. While passing the fish market we encountered the tallest woman I have ever seen and yes she was black. I visited my first anime underground store. It was very cramped and with this weather there was barely any air to breathe in. I had stopped at a stand in China Town and Phil had spotted a huge turtle, which I wanted to steal for Kelly. All at the same time, an old man came by the store yelling words that I could not comprehend. The lady at the store said “okay. okay.” and then proceeded to shooo him away. My friends swear that the man was trying to put a hex on me. (Let’s just hope he wasn’t) After that we went to eat at Burger King because when you are in China Town you go to any place but a Chinese restaurant. We sat there for awhile and then walked around China Town some more. Boy, oh boy was that fun. We had talked about a lot and then we decided we should go to Central Park. So Phil leads the way.

P8101926Next Stop: Some Place that I think was not Central Park. (Greg said we went to Central Park)

We had planned to go to Central Park, but I don’t think we went there. (oh we did go to central park) Instead we went to a place so much more fun. I had not expected this to be a place that I would enjoy I thought I would we would be sitting on the “man-made” rocks and have light conversation with this group of people I have never really chilled with before.

P8101934Too my surprise the rocks were very enjoyable to climb and the view from atop was so amazing. Not trying to sound like a pedophile, but the kids looked like they had enjoyed every minute of there adventures in that park. I felt that if I could I would never leave Central Park again. The place was surrounded by such happiness and there was so many people in the area. I enjoyed hearing the laughter of others and the nature around the area.


We were initially attracted to the park because we had felt bad for a “simple slide” that no one had bothered to go onto, but to our surprise the park had so many more things to offer. There was water everywhere, and I was just so surprised but how perfect everything turned out. It was like God had planned for me to go to this random park by luring me with a childhood memory of a “simple slide.” At first we were very reluctant to take our shoes off but as time went by the socks came off and the sneaker were in our hands. The water had felt so relieving on our tired feet. Although we were all obviously too old to be playing in this park we simply could not leave.


We had walked around this park at least five times and had so much fun splashing with the kids and each other, but we knew sooner or later that we would get wet. So why not sooner? Greg had thought why not start by wetting our hair and then things got a little out of hand. Hahaha. There were kids everywhere they just kept popping up out of nowhere, but what do you expect on a hot summer day with a park that spouts water. The kids came in all shapes, sizes and colors. Haha. They were all happy and excited to be playing with strangers. They made friends with each other in the blink of an eye. It was amazing.

P8101930Oh gosh. After awhile we began to go further then getting our hair wet. Phil was soaked from head to toe, since he was dressed for the occasion, while the rest of us were to afraid to get wet, due to the train ride back to Jersey. After sitting and watching the younger kids play in the pool for about twenty minutes we decided to cover the manhole so the water would overflow. Great Plan! But then the water started to come out in smaller and lower quantities. So we helped move it back. Helping move a kiddie pool is a lot harder than it seems.

Teamwork!After the help that we gave, we began to yearn the feeling of the water. So we jumped in the kiddie pool. We wanted to wade in the pool!

Well, at first Olga and Stefanellie jumped in the pool and the next that happened made my day. Stefanellie jumps in the pool and she slips and falls on her ass. I stood there laughing at how soaked she got and admired how unembarrassed she was. She soon pulled Olga along with her and they were both soaked. Feeling left out I wanted to jump in the kiddie pool next.

P8102010As soon as I jumped in the kiddie pool I had so much fun. I could not stop myself from jumping back into the pool and by the time I had my fill of being wet I was soaked from head to toe. I kept pullong Olga along with me and we stood in the center of this inflatable pool and walked out. So we just sat there admiring how much energy the younger kids had. We each had our favorite kid, but we all agreed that Hitler (insider) was the meanest guy there. He was yelling at all the kids and threatening them to leave the pool. I felt so bad for the younger kids so I decided that if we stepped in he could not say anything. These kids around me, made me realize how much I miss childhood days. I don’t miss the people that I knew back then, I just miss the feelings I had. I remember feeling like nothing could stop me and that the world was mine for the taking. Now that I have aged, I have realized the reality of life. Not everyone likes you and there are those who don’t care anything about you. I just wish that I could turn the clocks of my internal self and have that feeling a five year old gets when he gets to go outside. All this thinking isn’t good for a person, just live carefree!

P8101956Anyway, going on with my story. As we left the “pool” area, so to speak, we dried off on the rocks, amazed at how much fun we just had. We joked around on how everybody missed out on the fun day and you know what, they did. But I wouldn’t change today for anything. It is so far one of the best days of the summer. Thanks guys!

On the way back, we ended up taking the bus instead of the train. It was a lot cheaper than I thought and it took us half the time to get home. Well we didn’t exactly land in Belleville. I think we stopped in Bloomfield or Clifton, but we had to walk down Kingsland to finally get a ride from Olga’s dad, who apparently grunts when he is angry.




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