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Babo Adventures! August 6, 2009 Thursday

Posted by mrvangeldren in Friends, Jersey City.
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So today had to be one of the funnest days of the summer! I originally planned to go to bowling with a couple of friends, but as luck would have it people were busy. Since I had been craving BABO for awhile I asked Bryan if he would be willing to take me there. His response was sure, but I had to invite all the people. Again, going through my phonebook of contacts and receiving unsure answers. I had finally got a group of people to go! (After about 20 minutes) So the people that were going were: Jamie, Olga, Bryan, Ana, Giselle, and of course me. To be honest, I was glad that these people were going because they were people I don’t regularly hang out with.

So the plan was to go to BABO at four, but since girls take to long to get ready we changed the plan to 7. After walking with Jamie waiting for her to get changed and going through a slightly awkward situation we finally got to Bryan’s house. It seemed as though there were forces keeping us away from BABO because when we finally left Marison’s mom called to pick her up.

We finally got to BABO around 8 and I was so satisfied with everything. Starving I ordered $15 worth of food. Feeling my stomach about to burst, we finally decided to leave. This is our trip home:

A little advice don’t let Marison drive. Hahaha. No, I am joking she is a pretty good driver. All I have to say is that was one fun drive home!

P.S. Jamie is looking for someone to take a picture of her for her blog. Hahaha



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