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Otaku, I am not August 2, 2009 Sunday

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Yesterday, a friend of mine had called me an otaku and I really did not know what that meant. So without his knowledge I wiki’d it.

Otaku (おたく/オタク) is a Japanese term used to refer to people with obsessive interests, particularly anime, manga, and video games.

I am not an otaku! It is just that this past summer anime has been my main distraction. Well I did happen to watch like 6 animes this past summer. No! I am not an otaku!

Anyway in other news, I have finished two animes. Haha! Yea, yea, yea. I know what you are thinking, “He is totally an otaku!” But whatever!

I had just finished azumanga daioh and if you like hearing the word kawaii every five seconds then you will love it. In all seriousness, I thought it too be one of the funnier type of animes. It brought a smile to my face to see the friendships formed and the personality of each student/student.

Although azumanga daioh was done, I still had more time in the day too do something else. So, what did I do you may be asking. Well, I watched more anime. Yea I know, “You think you aren’t an otaku?” Well this anime was found by complete accident. I was on YouTube, bless the creators, and it was under the suggestions of “videos you may like.”

It was called “Elfen Lied” and to be completely honest I only decided to watch it becaue I thought there would be elves. (Like the ones from “The Lord of the Rings”) It’s about these creature that aren’t accepted in society because they have mysterious powers. Ehh..I am not really good at describing what I have just watched. Hmmm..Well they are strong creatures and could wipe out the whole human race if they wanted to. Sigh..I won’t go on, but if you like partial nudity, blood, action, and tears, then this is the anime for you. ELFEN LIED!! Well until next time..SUGOI!

P.S. Nyuu/Lucy is my favorite character. Yea is, not are because Nyuu and Lucy are one person but it is a girl with a split personality. Whoops!



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