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A Family that keeps to its Roots. August 1, 2009 Saturday

Posted by mrvangeldren in Family.
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A fairly large family is made up of fairly close members.

Pictured above: (from left to right starting from the back row) Tito Doming, Tita Irma, Uncle Dadung, i forgot his name, Apu Pending, i forgot her name, uhmm uncle bert’s wife, Uncle Bert, Tita Norma, uhmm I don’t remember her name, Tita Floring, uhmm i didn’t even know she was in my family, GRANDMA CATALINA.

As you can see, I obviously know my family very well. Haha..Well this is the first generation of my filipino family. I really can’t remember most of their names because too be honest I don’t see them much.

-Wait asking my grandmother who the people I don’t know are-

Okay. Well the first guy is Apu Philiceano? and the other girl is Auntie Sandy, the next one is Tita Dolores, and the other lady is Tita Lilia.

So yea I don’t know my family very well, but I am sure that they have very interesting past lives. They all seem as thought that they have lived life and been through things that only could be described in their words. Oh by the way, I don’t call all of the Apu because in my family titles like that mean that they are old and my family feels that they aren’t old until they can’t hear you. I can’t wait to live life like they have.

P.S. Today was a party for my 2nd cousin JD, she is off to college. Good Luck! Hehe..that was the whole reason I was there today and I didn’t mention it until the very end.



1. Jeremy - August 1, 2009 Saturday

First generation? That’s impressive! Where did they come from?

mrvangeldren - August 1, 2009 Saturday

ALL from pampanga. w00t! the filipino side!

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