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A Beginning for Stefanellie… July 31, 2009 Friday

Posted by mrvangeldren in Art, Belleville.
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Gas Station Space Cadet

Stefanellie was inspired by me! Haha..Yea well I showed her my blog and explained to her what Project 365 was all about and she began to make her own blog. Her blog has a different twist to it, she isn’t only taking photography no she is also drawing and painting! Well you should check her blog out.

The drawing above is also in her first post. I had asked her to draw me something to add to my art wall and she had asked me what I would like. I told her to use her creative mind and this is what I got. I don’t know what you think, but I think it looks awesome!

On another note, I stayed home all day due to the massive showers of rainfall. It’s the end of July and it feels awesome.

Oh and too pay Stefanellie back, this post is dedicated to her.

P.S. I hope she can design my wall!



1. Kelly Denise - July 31, 2009 Friday


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