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The Feeling of Anxiety can Kiss my Mom July 22, 2009 Wednesday

Posted by mrvangeldren in Home.



I just don’t wanna blow everything off.

I haven’t even touched my Bio AP work, since last week. I just really want to know what my schedule is for this year, so I don’t waste my time doing a million things for nothing.

Day 11. Since I have been grounded, I cannot stop procrastinating work. I think it is all the sleep..Oh well. I don’t care.Well I do I have to start doing my work and stop messing around.

I have found some more new music to enjoy. Sonia Montez and Emily Arin. I have downloaded about 70 songs in total so far, making my song number 702.

P.S. Holding a blow dryer for a long time can make your hand feel like it is vibrating. It may have been a slight electrocution.



1. Bryan - July 25, 2009 Saturday

This is one of my favorite pictures of you.

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