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Fly Towards Tomorrow July 21, 2009 Tuesday

Posted by mrvangeldren in Home.
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Rain can bring the best smells alive.

The rain poured down on the my town and brought the humid weather to an end. (Well in my opinion anyway.)

Day 10. I didn’t spend that much time on the computer. With only four more days left of being grounded I am kind of excited about spending sometime with my friends, that is if they would want to hang out with me.

The new song that I have been listening too is Doesn’t it All Taste Good. It is a song about the disgusting ingredients found in cigarettes. Go look it up on YouTube and enjoy more original songs by David Choi.

P.S. Yes the header is the same picture as the one I used today. Oh and also July 11th is updated, I finally got the picture.



1. Jeremy - July 21, 2009 Tuesday

I don’t understand the first part of the P.S.

mrvangeldren - July 21, 2009 Tuesday

the header and the picture I used today are the same one.

2. Jeremy - July 25, 2009 Saturday

Oh, that header. Header picture.

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