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Solitude is AMAZING July 14, 2009 Tuesday

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Not all my pictures will be interesting..(I don’t think any of them are)

Day uhh..what day is it? *Ahem* Day 3 of being grounded and I would have to say that I enjoy being alone. Of course I am saying this now, but I bet in a few days I will start to crumble under the pressure of loneliness. Or I might surprise myself and learn that I am actually happier alone. Who knows? I don’t. Do you? Who cares? So this picture is the view outside of my living room. Isn’t a beautiful site? Minus the busy cars, the obnoxious kids, and being close to one of the busiest streets in Belleville, Overlook is a peaceful and beautiful site. Anyway I have completely finished the first chapter of my Bio AP assignment, 6 more chapters too go. WOOT! This picture is interesting. I like how the light hides part of the screen and makes it look abstract for some reason. The green and intersection of the streets makes everything seem to connect. If you go to the left you will see the dangerously steep hill I must climb everyday on my journey to school. This hill I believe is the reason why I am so skinny.

On to other business, on top of my summer assignments for school I also have to complete work for my stepdad. It is SAT work, which I am beginning to get tired of. It is long and strenuous work that is supposed to help improve my test taking skills. In my opinion you either know it or you don’t. But I guess a little studying won’t hurt.

I think today was so great because I took two showers. Just like Jeremy said .



1. drinkatoasttome - July 16, 2009 Thursday

One of my sketchbooks was exactly like this, with the screen, trees, and all.

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